A/Prof John Rayner  Green roofs as an adaptation to climate change, landscape design and plant performance, social and therapeutic landscapes

A/Prof Nick Williams  Grassland ecology and restoration, green roofs, green walls, urban plant ecology, weed invasions

Dr Claire Farrell  Green roofs, plant selection, green roof substrates, stormwater runoff, plant drought tolerance

A/Prof Stephen Livesley  Microclimate cooling, green roof energy savings, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, water quality

Dr Amy Hahs  Urban ecology, remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), biodiversity, landscape ecology, comparative analysis (urban planning, landscape architecture)

Dr Sara Barron

Dr Chris Szota  Green roofs, street trees, rain gardens, stormwater runoff, plant nutrient uptake and drought tolerance

Dr Caragh Threlfall  Urban ecology and biodiversity, landscape ecology, social-ecological dynamics of human dominated landscapes

Dr Kate Lee  Environmental psychology, industrial and organisational psychology, cognitive psychology, urban horticulture, urban design

Dr Camilo Ordóñez Barona  Urban nature and people, climate change adaptation, management and governance, green infrastructure technologies, urban forests and trees

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