Dr Kate Lee


kate.lee@unimelb.edu.au    + 61 3 9035 6827

I am examining how planted ‘green’ roofs can restore wellbeing and workplace productivity.

Viewing nature can improve concentration and mood and may even boost productivity.  As city populations and density increase, green roofs are likely to become important sources of green views for city employees spending long hours at work and experiencing high levels of stress.

My research explores whether, and how, green roof views may restore psychological wellbeing, mood and performance, drained through work. It highlights important considerations for green roof construction and design: incorporating plants which people like looking at means that these green roofs are more likely to be used and provide benefits for employees and organizations. This has implications for healthy and supportive workplace design, and for promoting more sustainable and liveable cities

Kate’s work has been featured in media outlets including the Harvard Business Review, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Australian Financial Review, ABC Radio, and 3AW.

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