Development and assessment of a streetscape biodiversity planting palette

Researchers: A/Prof Nick Williams, A/Prof John Rayner, Dr Caragh Threlfall, Jess Baumann

Funding: City of Melbourne (2017-2020)


In this collaborative research project with the City of Melbourne we are developing plant palettes to enhance biodiversity in city streets by providing resources for birds, bees and butterflies. Increasing the volume of understorey vegetation in urban landscapes can have positive effects on a range of fauna – especially when planted with native species. As part of its Nature in the City Strategy, the City of Melbourne aims to increase biodiversity and habitats within the municipality and make them more ecologically connected. We are trialing over 80, mostly native, plant species in research plots across different streets, monitoring plant performance and the abundance and number of species of birds, butterflies and native bees. Project results will inform future streetscape upgrades, providing information on plant growth conditions and tolerances, maintenance requirements, uses, and resources for biodiversity.

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