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We work on diverse projects with plants at the core – building the evidence base to show how green infrastructure contributes to the liveability of our cities and regional towns. See our research notes on green roofs, urban forests, trees for stormwater control and cooling, woody meadows and more…

Urban Forests & Trees  Removal of urban trees: Implications for people and biodiversity  |  Street trees for stormwater control

Ecology & Biodiversity Road Verges for People and Biodiversity Biodiversity Streetscapes

Urban Green Spaces Transforming cities with Woody Meadows

Green Roofs Green roofs for stormwater control  |  Green roof substrates  |  Green roofs and plant survival  |  Spontaneous Green Roof Vegetation |

Green Facades Greywater for Green Facades  |

Water Sensitive Urban Design Street trees for stormwater control  | Greywater for Green Facades





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