Researcher in park

PhD News

JULY 2020

Image: PhD candidate Katherine Horsfall at her grassland research plots in Royal Park

Road verges provide ecosystem benefits plus new projects in urban grasslands, how misting can cool cities and stormwater for urban trees.

Congratulations to Adrian Marshall for completing his candidature in which he researched ways to maximise the ecosystem and social benefits of road verges (nature strips). Adrian has published several research papers as well as discussing his work on ABC radio and writing for The Conversation. Find out more about Adrian’s research here, and read a summary of his PhD work.

Welcome to new PhD candidates Katherine Horsfall, Pui Kwan Cheung and Paul Hanley. Katherine is researching direct seeding of native grassland species in urban areas, while Pui Kwan will be investigating the cooling benefits of irrigation and misting in the urban landscape. Paul is looking at how to optimise the design of passive stormwater irrigation systems for urban trees.

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