Pui Kwan Cheung

Pui Kwan standing in front of a big tree

I am investigating the cooling benefits of irrigation and misting in the urban landscape.

The superimposing effects of global warming and urban heat island can lead to a series of negative impacts, including thermal discomfort, increased cooling energy demand, increased heat-related morbidity and mortality rates. Global and regional modelling studies have shown that large-scale irrigation can significantly reduce surface air temperature. However, there is a paucity of empirical and modelling studies about the efficacy of smaller-scale irrigation in the urban areas on cooling. In my PhD project, I will use experimental and modelling techniques to understand the cooling potential of irrigation in the urban landscapes.

There is emerging evidence that misting is one of the most effective active cooling techniques. However, the ambient environmental conditions, such as wind speed and vapour pressure deficit, have a notable impact on the cooling performance of misting. I will be conducting experiments to explore the cooling performance of misting under different weather conditions.

Before joining the University of Melbourne, I was engaged in several research projects in Hong Kong including studies of microplastic pollution in the littoral, fluvial and marine environments. I have also investigated the microclimatic effect of trees and outdoor human thermal comfort. Recent projects include studies of indoor air quality in substandard housing in Hong Kong, and impacts of landscape and design features on air temperature and relative humidity in urban parks.

My interests are travelling, reading, films, jogging, swimming, playing badminton, gardening and cooking. My recent endeavour is to try to understand the philosophy of life, including the search for the ultimate underlying meaning of PhD.




A/Prof Stephen Livesley, Dr Kerry Nice.




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