Zahra Saraeian

For my PhD I am investigating the influence of plant community assembly mechanisms on the performance and diversity of annual species on extensive green roofs.

Green roofs are constructed ecosystems that can provide functional and aesthetic benefits for urban areas. The vegetation layer and its diversity play a large role in achieving and maximising green roof benefits. Previous green roof research has mostly examined succulents and perennial plants with less attention to annuals. This is despite annual species having an important role in many natural habitats with conditions that are analogous to green roofs.

The aim of my thesis is therefore to develop a plant palette of Australian annual species suitable for green roofs in Mediterranean-like climates. This will be done using a plant-trait approach with reference to community assembly theories prevalent in plant ecology.



A/Prof. Nick Williams, Dr. Claire Farrell


Green our Rooftop research grants and postgraduate scholarships awarded by City of Melbourne (2019)

Frank Keenan Trust Fund. Awarded by the University of Melbourne (2018-2019)

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