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URBAN FORESTS MASTERCLASS: The Australian School of Urban Forestry 2020

Tentative 2021 dates: Tuesday 9 November to Friday 12 November

Urban Forests Masterclass will focus on urban forests for resilient communities. Join us for conversations, lectures, and field trips to inspire positive thinking for urban greening opportunities.

Throughout this course, you will:
• Gain an understanding of the complexity of protecting, managing and restoring ecosystem function within urban areas.
• Examine the human and societal benefits provided by access to green spaces in the urban environment.
• Explore nature-based solutions to urban and suburban challenges.

Who should apply?
A successful urban forest requires an engaged and informed range of stakeholders, from community groups to land managers, planners and practitioners. The program is suitable for all professionals in the sectors of urban greenspace, community advocacy, environmental health and policy management who have a desire to develop skills and gain knowledge in urban forestry.


An immersive short course to better understand and create nature experiences for health and wellbeing.

Postponed due to covid 2021

Sunday 27 – Tues 29 June 2021
Burnley Campus, University of Melbourne


People living in cities face increasing disconnection from the natural world and in this year, perhaps more than any other, we have become more aware of the importance of nature in our lives. Nature Connections for Wellbeing explores the role of natural environments in supporting health and wellbeing.

Course outcomes

  • Learn with leading Australian and International scholars and practitioners all exploring nature and wellbeing across different fields
  • Bring theory to life by experiencing nature activities firsthand, with a guided process to connect back with your own practice and interests
  • Apply the learnings to your professional practice to develop evidence-informed solutions and recommendations
  • Opportunities for discussion and networking with a diverse group of professionals, including an optional networking dinner.

Contact: Dr Kate Lee

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