Dr Camilo Ordóñez Barona



Camilo’s innovative research strives to understand the social and ecological dynamics of urban natural areas to help cities become more sustainable and resilient.

His interdisciplinary research focuses on a variety of themes, including: how people relate to urban nature; understanding the role that urban nature plays in climate change adaptation; improving management and governance processes related to urban nature; and advancing green infrastructure technologies to include urban nature in highly urbanised landscapes (e.g., structural soil cells), with a focus on urban forests and trees.

He approaches questions related to measuring people’s opinions and responses to urban nature, measuring managers’ perceptions of urban nature management, assessing the factors that influence urban-nature performance, and evaluating the spatial-temporal dynamics of urban nature, with various methodological techniques, including natural- and social-science based techniques.

Camilo has previously held positions as Research Fellow in sustainable development at Valle University (Colombia), consultant in climate hazards for IPCC through IDEAM (Colombia), Lecturer in environmental sciences at Dalhousie University, consultant in environmental impact assessment for ESSA Technologies (Canada), Associate Professor in sustainability science at Brock University (Canada), and Postdoctoral Fellow in assessment of green infrastructure technologies at Ryerson University (Canada).

He has led applied industry grants and engaged in a variety of community research partnerships in Canadian, Australian, and Latin-American cities. Having lived in eight different countries and done international research, Camilo uses this global edge to engage in integrative, practical, and applied research at the local level.

Camilo is currently based at the University of Toronto, Canada.



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