Bihan Guo

Green roofs are becoming an important tool for improving the liveability of cities. Many of their benefits rely on good plant coverage and survival but they are difficult places for plants to grow.

Much of the focus has been on selecting plants that are able to tolerate dry periods which are frequent in the shallow substrates. However, high wind, temperatures and solar radiation also exacerbate drought stress on green roofs. Therefore, my research will assess the combined effects of these stresses on green roof plant survival and functioning. It will also determine the relationships between morphological traits and desiccation tolerance.


After completing my Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at Huazhong Agricultural University, I wanted to discover more about plants so I started my Master of Urban Horticultural at the University of Melbourne, where I learnt knowledge about green roofs and began to research on it. After graduation, I stayed there and became a PhD student.



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