Bringing nature back to cities: Streetscape Biodiversity Case Study

The City of Melbourne has released a comprehensive case study of their biodiversity streetscape research project. The project has illustrated how diversifying streetscape plants can have measurable biodiversity benefits by providing resources such as habitat, food and nesting materials. Researchers Nick Williams, Caragh Threllfall, John Rayner and Jess Bauman have been working with City of Melbourne to design experiments and monitor research plots across four City of Melbourne sites. The Streetscape Biodiversity Case Study details the design approach, budgets, plant species, and the steps and timelines involved. It will be of interest and inspiration to those wishing to undertake a similar evidence-based, collaborative project or anyone wishing to enhance urban biodiversity.

The case study complements the Urban Nature Planting Guide, an online resource for selecting plant species of different forms and drought tolerances that can provide habitat and food for a suite of animals including birds, frogs and butterflies.

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Image: Lee Harrison, City of Melbourne

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