Rose Macaulay

Improving experiences in urban nature for wellbeing benefits

For many people, urban green spaces offer accessible nature experiences. My PhD research aims to explore the ways through which experiences in urban nature can be improved, to strengthen wellbeing benefits and psychological connections with nature. Mindfulness practice is a tool that can be used to deepen engagement with the environment, through sensory immersion as well as cognitive and emotional connection. My research will explore mindful engagement with urban nature, with the aim to enhance the restorative experience of a green roof and foster connection with nature in the urban environment. Urban green roofs embody the intersection between nature and the built environment, but for some, may be particularly representative of the divide between humans and nature. Through exploring methods to overcome negative perceptions, using mindful engagement and connection with nature, my research provides important implications for how urban green spaces are experienced.

Supervisors Professor Kathryn Williams, A/Prof Katherine Johnson, Dr Kate Lee

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